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How to Customize Control Center on iOS 11-Control Center in iOS 11

How to Customize Control Center on iOS 11

You can now customize a lot of things in the all new iOS 11 control center including adding new widgets and moving them around to get the most out of iOS 11 and your iPhone.
Screen recorder and 3D touch are couple of my favorites.

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One of my favorite things in iOS 11 is the new control center and you still access the control center the same way you always have.

You have to scroll up from the bottom of your screen and this is the new control center and as you can see I have a lot more widgets on the bottom, and those eight widgets. I have here you could add subtract and you could move them around and another thing that’s really cool is this 3d touch so if you hold on any panel, basically long holding on any panel it gives you more options.

So I’ll just click away from this one let me do the same thing with pictures if I just long hold it gives me options to do multiple things even with things with the flashlight you could long called and change the intensity of the flashlight.
I’m just gonna turn that off and click away but we want to know how to customize the bottom of the screen here so the things you see on the bottom like the flashlight the voice recorder or this one on the bottom that lets you screen record.  It’s really been handy for recording these kind of videos so to customize this.

Let me show you how to do that we want to go to setting and under setting let’s go to Control center and on the control center customize controls, that’s where we want to be and if you press – here.
It’ll remove things from the control center, so let me remove that you see the flashlight is gone.

And if I was coming down here, I’m pressing plus. It’ll add the flashlight this time.  You added it to the bottom, so if you want to move things around up here the ones that have been added you could just select them and just move it to the top so now if I go to the control center down here. I should see the flashlight as the first option so again one of my favorite things is the screen recorder, so I’m gonna move this to the top. I like the flashlight and maybe I want the voice memo to be number 4.

Let me look at that so now. It’s rearranged my control center to be this way so take a look at the ones you’re gonna use often and then you can remove the ones you don’t want so let me just go ahead and add a few more so you could really get this customized
Then you could add everything you need and subtract things that you don’t and that’s basically all there is to the new control center again remember 3d touch long.
Hold it gives you more options and even down here with these little icons, You could long hold each one of these to get more options.

I hope this was helpful, and you could customize your control center to be more productive and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks for watching.