How to Cook the Perfect Steak (In a pan)

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Want to cook a perfect steak in a pan? We need to take the steak out of the fridge 20 minutes before we cook it. Before we start cooking it, we need a hot pan.  We need to sear the steak.

Step 1: Season the steak with salt and pepper.

Step 2: When pan starts smoking, add a touch of oil and move it around.

Step 3: Lay the steak and make sure you hear the sizzle.

Step 4: Let’s put some crushes garlic in for some flavor.

Step 5: Turn your steak every minute or so to cook it evenly.

Step 6: Add some butter.

Step 7: take them out and let them rest for a few minutes.

Step 8: slice and serve.

Video by Hodder Books
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right the guide to cooking the perfect
steak hot pan the secret here is to make
sure that we literally sear the steak
and not boil it season it first
beautifully done get some nice large grains of pepper so
we got a nice bit of heat mop up all
that seasoning and sort of push in for
most important parts that make sure we
take them out the fridge 20 minutes
before you actually start cooking them
cooking a steak that’s stone cold in the
center you have to overcook it on the
outside pans just started smoking touch
of oil in all that round and then just
lay the steaks away always away from me
and let the pan do the work that’s the
kind of noise you want to hear in the
pan every time that nice sear again pair
of tongs turn it over very carefully
literally 30 seconds the pan you can see
the color neutral that layer of fat on
the back of the sirloin you want to
render that down as well that’s it there
so hit that into the pan use the pan to
your advantage
tilt the pan there all that hot fat
olive oil run down the back and it
starts to sear the steak even better and
put it over the garlic in nice little
flavor the steaks doesn’t need to be
peeled just lightly crush and then I
think it’s a really nice flavor to the
steak turning every minute to got that
nice even color and if you’re turning
your steaks every minute they start to
cook evenly
then at a time it’s really nice to get
that nice fragrant sort of time and
touch more I quite like my steaks rare
so rare is here opposite the palm at the
top medium is there and well-done is at
the top of your wrist and now I’m going
to start off with my butter little knobs
of butter and this is where the state
starts to take on a completely different
flavor tilt the pan there just base the
steaks that fried time that garlic nothing’s
burning and that’s why we started off
with olive oil pepper garlic some sort
of brush the garlic over off with the
gas take them out beautiful let them
rest and off and then from there
slice rare going on to medium rare.


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