How to check your internet speed

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Checking your internet speed is really easy with free tools available online.

My favorite tool is called I also use Xfinity speed test and google speed test from time to time. After checking your internet speed, you can troubleshoot to improve it.

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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could check your internet speed using these three different tools that I use to check my internet speed.  I’ll show you my favorite one and I’ll show you two backup options, and I have xfinity comcast internet xfinity writing at five megabits per second, and it should be closer to 75.  That’s the Xfinity speed that I have my plan here at home and usually with Xfinity you get somewhere between 50 to 100.

Obviously have different speed in city of Chicago for example.  You could get business speeds that are up to a thousand so if you don’t know what your speed should be most likely It’s gonna be higher than this five is really low unless you have dsl meaning you have the phone connection and you have AT&T through the phone line that might be ok for a phone line connection, but for me, there’s obviously something wrong.

So if you get a slow speed like this you could also do another test This is the Xfinity test and this is the Google test if you just Google test internet speed But the Google test sometimes seems to be unreliable for me right now. It’s showing Which is way faster than my internet is right now obviously there’s an issue so this is why I use this one first And then I go down the line to see if the other ones are matching But this one seems to be the most accurate now if you get a slow Connection like this there’s a couple of things that you could do.

I’ll make a separate video showing all the different things that you need to do the But the most common thing and the thing I’m gonna do first is just disconnecting my router From power and then letting 10 seconds go by and reconnecting it that usually helps bring Bring this back and reset everything the other option is calling your service provider and they could troubleshoot a for you and sometimes the speed issue is from there and from the service provider so in this case I will call Xfinity to see what the issue is and even Restarting a browser sometimes or reconnecting to your internet on your computer sometimes fixes the problem, too but go ahead with restarting your modem and your router one of the two or both of them and see if that solves the problem and come back here and run this meet this one more time.

I hope this video was helpful. Please subscribe and press the like button below, and I hope to see you in the next video.  Thanks for watching.

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