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How to change channel layout in Youtube in 2017

How to change channel layout in Youtube 2017

In this video, I’ll show you a simple way to change channel layout in YouTube, to make your home page more appealing and easier to navigate for your visitors.

Having a nice channel layout allows for new visitors to subscribe to your channel.

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In this video,I’m going to show you how you could change your channel layout in Youtube and make it a lot easier for your audience to find the right videos.

So I have one of my secondary channels here and as you could see I can’t really edit anything on this channel.
I can’t really move these things around and if I go back to my main channel here
You could see things are really organized here.  You can see recent activities you could put a playlist you can put up recent uploads and you could always add Sections and you could edit these sections, and you could also set it up for new subscribers
With a channel trailer, but on this channel, it’s a new channel
So you could see I can’t do any of that.

And it’s really easy to activate that so all you gotta do is from my channels page the page.
I’m on right now.  You got to go and click this gear icon and you just got to activate customize the layout of your channel you just got to Click that slider, and then press save and as soon as you do that
It changes your entire channel layout you’ll get these two different tabs for returning subscribers and for new visitors
You could add a channel trailer here and on this page for returning subscribers
You could go ahead and edit things, and you could add new sections that could be things like
Popular uploads or like videos you could put up playlists.
I only have one video on this channel, so I can’t show you too much of what you could do here
But you could edit any of these sections at any of these sections you can make things be vertical or horizontal
You’ll have a lot of options here to really make your front page.

Look as best as you can and make it really easy for your audience to find the right videos.  I’ve Done that in my main channel by putting up recent activities because I always want my latest video to be front and center and some
Of my popular videos on Instagram, I make sure that playlist is up
So they could see that there is a lot of videos on Instagram
They could watch and I’m always changing this I’m making it better and for new visitors. I made a channel trailer

So for your channel make sure you make your front page as nice as it could possibly Look, and that will help you gain more subscribers when they finally find your page
I hope this video was helpful.  Please go ahead and subscribe to this channel if you’re new here.
And give this video a thumbs up if it helped you change your channel layout see you on the next video.