How to change car key battery-Key fob battery replacement

How to change car key battery

Replacing key fob batteries in your car remote is really simple and you don’t need any special tools. You can do it at home in a couple of minutes. I’ll show you how to replace the fob battery with a Lexus key fob, a Honda key fob and a older Toyota key fob. All you need is a very small screwdriver.

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you could change the battery on your car remote and I’ll use three different cars as an example.
So regardless of the make and model of your car, one of these examples should be close enough for you to do the same job.
Depending on your remote, the only tool you need is a small screwdriver.
I’m going to include a link in the
description to this set that I have and if you don’t have one go ahead and pick one up.
It should work with your keys.
Before you get started, make sure you remove your house keys or anything else attached to your car keys.
I’m going to start with the Lexus keys for the first battery change.
This key Fob only has one Phillips screw,
so I’m just using my small screwdriver to remove that one screw and when you do that,
it just kind of comes up and slides out, so I’m just pulling it up a bit, and it slided out and inside
there’s another screw I get. In fact,
there’s two screws, one is missing in this case.
But I’ll have to remove these little screws too to get to where the battery is.
This piece comes off and the batteries inside and to remove the battery I could just use my hands here it comes off pretty easily
and I’ll just basically slide it out of its home here. There’s a common car remote battery called CR1616
so this is the one I have here and I bought a five packet, Energizer five pack of CR1616,
the same battery actually works with my Honda too.
This one just kind of slides in facing up in this case. In some cars it faces down
and you just basically have to assemble the battery back together, so this piece again
I was missing a screw here, but I’ll just go ahead and put the Phillips screw and
the two other pieces of the key just kind of come together
and then they’re held together with that screw that you took off from the beginning.
So make sure you put that screw back in and get it in there nice and tight.
Go ahead and test it out and make sure everything’s working.
Next, let’s work on the Honda Key.
The Honda Key also has one screw holding it together. So all you have to do is remove that one screw with a Phillips screwdriver,
a small screwdriver again and
the key should kind of open up like a door, so just apply a little bit of pressure
and it should just open up nice and easy. There is another part inside the key and the battery is inside this piece.
This doesn’t have any screws.
So you could just use the release on the side
to open it and the battery comes out really easy at this point.
You basically just have to apply a little pressure and bring it up. This takes a
CR1616, so I’m just going to go ahead and grab a fresh CR1616.
I’m going to put a back in the key Fob. Again this time,
I’m going to put it upside down based on the instruction on the key. This piece should just snap together.
There were no screws here, so it just snaps back on together. Put it back inside the key and then use that one
Phillips screw that held the Key together and
make sure that’s nice and tight. Go ahead and test out your key and make sure everything’s working and the lights are coming on.
This remote is separate from the key. The Toyota key and the remote are two separate units.
But it’s the same concept. This one still has one screw and by removing the screw this will come apart again here I
forgot to remove the key from the fob, so it was a little more difficult to open it than it should have been. So make
sure, you always remove all the other things that are attached to the remote. This has a different type of battery than most keys,
mainly because there’s a little bit of an older car, but it takes a A23,
that’s the name of the battery, and it shaped a little bit like a triple-a battery. It’s called A23 in this case.
So I got a new A23 battery and I’m just going to line it up with the positive and negative side here.
They’re indicated on this piece of the key.
I’m just going to go ahead and put that in and slide that back into the key Fob.
Now I should close pretty easily.
It should snap right back in and then go ahead and use that one screw to secure everything and just
as always make sure you test that out and make sure the new battery is working fine.
I hope this video helped you and go ahead and subscribe to this channel for a lot more how-to videos on automotive and a lot more.