How to change birthday on Facebook with mobile app

How to change your birthday on Facebook?

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Facebook has recently changed this settings. Here are the new steps in 2018.
Step 1: Go to your profile
Step 2: Click edit profile
Step 3: scroll all the way down and click edit your about info
Step 4: Scroll half way down to basic info section.
Step 5: Click Edit under basic info
Step 6: you can edit your birth date and birth year here.

If you need to change your birthday on Facebook for any reason, this easy video will show you the settings in order to change it.

Remember, there is a limit on how often you can do this, so made sure you choose the date you want to.
You can also hide the date or the year or both using this settings.
Hope it helps you.

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Video by Howfinity

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In this video. I’m going to show you how you could change your birthday on Facebook using the mobile app
The process is really straightforward
First you want to go to your settings,
so those are the three lines on the iOS app, it’s on the bottom of your screen, the three lines
so go ahead and press those and it should bring you to the page where you could see your username and
once you select your profile you want to go down to your about section on your page
Once you’re in the about section on your page, you got to click more about you
If it doesn’t show up on the first page, so I’m pressing more about me
And then it should take you to this page where you could change your birthday
So go ahead and scroll down to about the center of the page
untill you see basic info in the center of the page you should see basic info and there is your birthday
So in order to change that just go ahead and press edit.
Here, you could change your birthday including the birth year and then you could save it. You could also make your birthday private or public.
You could even keep the year of your birth private and your birth date
public like I have here so go ahead and change it
I’m going to go ahead and change mine, and press okay
And then it’s going to give you a note you could only change your birthday limited number of time
So make sure you don’t do this too often because it’s not going to allow you
so make sure you put your correct birth date to begin with so you don’t have this problem later on and then go to the
bottom of the page and press save when you’re done with the changes.
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