How to Carve Halloween Pumpkins

How to Carve Pumpkins

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Do you want to build your own Jack-O Lantern for halloween? Follow these steps on how to carve halloween pumpkins and you’ll end up with a classic jack-o’-lantern everyone will surely love.

1. Choose a large pumpkin.

2. With a marker pen, draw on a design like a simple outline of a face on the pumpkin.

3. Using a sharp serrated knife, hollow it out and carve out the face.

4. Once the face has been carved out, cut off the crown and scoop out the seeds and fibers inside the pumpkin using a large serving spoon.

NOTE: Always cut away from you in case the knife slips.

5. Clean up the details using X-Acto knife to scrape out any stringy pieces or jagged lines.

6. Light your pumpkin by popping a tea light inside it. Light it and replace the crown.

Video by DaveHax

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today I’m going to show you some of my
favorite Halloween pumpkin tips and
we’re going to start with teeth or fangs
so take your pumpkin and draw on a
design hollow it out and carve out the
face you can see I’ve cut out a nice big
hole for the mouth next we’re going to
take the off cut from the mouth then
using a sharp knife carefully cut out
fangs like this next we need to take our
fangs and push a cocktail stick in the
end snap the end off so it’s a bit
shorter and we should have something
which looks like this and finally start
arranging the fangs in the mouth pretty
cool huh a slightly different way to do
teeth is cut them into the pumpkin as
you’re carving out the face then using a
sharp knife carefully cut underneath the
skin and peel it off go around all the
teeth and you should have something
which looks like this
next we’re going to look at using the
pumpkin stem for a nose so take your
pumpkin turn it on its side and draw in
a face then turn your pumpkin around and
cut open a lid at the back hollow it out
and then we can start to carve the face
for this one we’re going to cut the skin
around the eyes and carefully peel it
off it should look like this then cut
out the mouth then using the same
technique peel off the skin in front of
the teeth next we’re going to carve out
each tooth until you have something
which looks like this then using some
black acrylic paint we’re going to paint
in the eyes good-looking fella isn’t he
now for something a little different
take the pumpkin cut off the top and
hollow it out then using a hand drill
we’re going to drill a series of holes
in no particular pattern around the
entire pumpkin don’t forget to do the
lid clean it up and it should look like
this. Next, take a piece of wire this was no
coat hanger then hook it into one of the
holes in the pumpkin loop it around to
the other side and thread it through a
hole opposite take the lid off and make
sure the wire is bent around so the
pumpkin won’t fall off we now have a
hanging pumpkin lantern put some candles
inside dim the lights and you’ve got
your very own pumpkin Mirabal and
finally take an orange ping-pong ball
and then using a black or red marker pen
draw on a pumpkin face then use a pencil
to draw lines all the way around the
ball to give it a pumpkin effect like
this now we’re going to make it light up
using an LED keyring first open up the
keyring and take out the LED in
batteries then take the LED to the
batteries like this and bend the LED so
it’s upright next using a screwdriver
we’re going to carefully poke a hole
into the bottom of the ping-pong ball
and finally sit the ball onto the LED
dim the lights and we can have our own
little army of ping-pong pumpkins you
don’t need to use a knife and it’s a
great one to do with children I hope
you’ve enjoyed watching this video if
you’d like to see how to make a flaming
or smoking pumpkin click on the links on
the right hand side or take a look at my
youtube channel page be careful stay
safe and happy Halloween everyone.


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