How to calculate percentage

Finding a percentage

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Finding a percentage is a very necessary skill.  It will come in handy in many situations from tipping to business.  

Let’s take for example, the percentage of 4 in 16, in other words, what percent or fraction of 16 is 4. There are many ways to determine the answer for this.

1. First, write the given numbers:
4/16. If we get the LCD or round it off, we’ll have 1/4 , which is equal to 25%.

2. Second way to solve this is thru division.
4/16= 4⟌16 = 0.25

0.25 is the same thing as 25 hundredths or 25/100 which is equal to 25%.

Video by Khan Academy

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let’s give ourselves a little bit of
practice with percentages so let’s ask
ourselves what what percent percent of I
don’t know let’s say what percent of
sixteen is four and I encourage you to
pause this video and to try it out
yourself so when you’re saying what
percent of 16 is 4 percent is another
way of saying what fraction of 16 is 4
and what we just need to write it as a
percent as per 100 so if you said what
fraction of 4 is a what fraction of 16
is 4 you would say well look this is the
same thing as 4 sixteenths which is the
same thing as equal this is the same
thing as 1/4 but this is saying what
fraction 4 is a 16 you table 4 is 1/4 of
16 but it still doesn’t answer our
question what percent what percent so in
order to write this as a percent we
literally have to write it as something
over a hundred percent literally means
per sent the word cent you know from
cents and century it relates to the
number 100 so it’s per 100 so you could
say well this is going to be equal to
question mark over 100 the part of 100
and there’s a bunch of ways that you
could think about this you could say
well look if in the denominator to go
from 4 to 100 I have to multiply by 25
in the numerator to go from I need to
also multiply by 25 in order to have an
equivalent fraction so I’m also going to
multiply by 25 so 1/4 is the same thing
as 25 over 100 and another way of saying
25 over 100 is this is 25 per hundred or
25 percent so this is equal to 25
percent now there’s another couple of
other ways you could have thought about
it you could have said you could have
said well 4 over 16
this is literally 4 divided by 16 well
let me just do the division and convert
to a decimal which is very easily easy
to convert to a percentage so let’s try
to actually do this division right over
here so we’re going to literally divide
4 by 16 now 16 goes into 4 0 times 0 times
16 is 0 you subtract and you get a 4 and
we’re not satisfied just having this
remainder we want to keep adding zeros
to figure out what to to get a decimal
answer right over here so let’s put a
decimal right over here we’re going into
the tenths place and let’s throw some
zeros right over here the decimal will
make sure we keep track of the fact that
we are now in the tents and then the
hundredths and in the thousands place if
we have to go that far but let’s bring
another 0 down 16 goes into 40 goes into
40 2 times 2 times 16 is 32 you subtract
you get 8 and you could bring down
another 0 and we have 16 goes into 80
let’s see 16 goes into 80 5 times 5
times 16 is 80 you subtract you have no
remainder and you’re done
four sixteenths is the same thing as
0.25 now 0.25 is the same thing as 25
hundredths or this is the same thing as
25 over 100 which is the same thing as


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