How to calculate gpa

How to Calculate Your GPA

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If you are wondering how your GPA has been calculated, then we’ll show you a through step by step on how to calculate your GPA.

The calculation of your GPA will depend on how your school reports the grades on your current transcript. You should speak to someone from your current school or check your school’s website for guidance. Nevertheless, calculating your GPA follows a basic formula which is to divide the total points earned in a program by the total number of credits attempted.

1. The first thing you need to do is to convert each of your final grades into the right decimal (please check your school’s GPA scale for reference).
2. Add all the converted decimal grades.
3. Divide the sum from Step 2 by the total number of your classes/units/subjects and you have your unweighted GPA.

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one of the important things students
need to know is how to calculate GPA so
a gives you for quality points a BU
gives you three quality points a C gives
you two quality points a D gives you one
quality point n AF gives you zero
quality points so you’re going to take
English 101 math 102 chemistry 100 and
history 101 that is 12 hours so that’s
the full-time status each of these
courses are 3 credit hours if you are to
make a in English 101 you will get 12
quality points in that so if you take
history and you make ASEA net that will
give you 6 quality points in that you
add up all your quality points as well
as your hours and divide that to give
you your GPA GPA is much like a sea salt
on one side you have a another side you
have F if you make an F you have to
counterbalance it with the same amount
of s to get a 2.0 same thing with B’s
and DS if you have a B on this side of 3
you can make a D if you have two in one
class in order to make sure that you
maintain AC average the C is in the
middle it’s at the fulcrum



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