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Are you health conscious? Do you want to know if you’re still healthy or overweight so you can prevent health problems in the future? If so, knowing your Body Mass Index is the first thing you should consider. Body Mass Index (BMI) correlates to the total fat on your body based on your weight and height and learning how to calculate BMI is very essential and easy to determine using these simple steps:

Step 1: Convert your weight to kilograms and your height to meters.

Step 2: Calculate your BMI using this formula:
BMI = weight ÷ (height × height)

Step 3: After calculating your BMI, determine whether you’re at a healthy weight:
• Healthy weight: BMI of 19 to 24.9
• Overweight: BMI of 25 to 29.9
• Obese: BMI of 30 and above

Video by MindYourDecisions

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hi this is pressure Locker in this video
I’m going to explain the mathematical
formula for the body mass index also
known as the BMI BMI is a way to
estimate body fat from the two variables
of weight and height one way is to
divide your weight in kilograms by your
height in meters and square it the
equivalent formula and pounds in inches
is to take your weight and pounds
multiplied by 703 and divided by your
height in inches squared so while the
BMI gets talked about a lot it’s
actually a relatively simple formula
that’s a ratio of your weight and height
so let’s do an example of someone who
weighs 200 pounds and is a height of 5
feet 10 inches we convert that to 70
inches and the BMI will be 200 times 703
divided by 70 squared
this is 28.7 to make sense of this
number we look at the different ranges
the low 18 is considered underweight 18
point five to twenty four point nine is
considered normal weight 25 to 29 point
nine is overweight and above 30 is
considered the definition for obesity so
a BMI of 28 point seven is in the range
of overweight we can similarly look at
BMI by the following table you can look
and locate where your height and weight
are and it’ll tell you which range
you’re in so a person who is 200 pounds
and 5 feet 10 would be about where the
black dot is which is in the range of
being overweight I hope you like this
video please subscribe to my channel you
can support me on patreon for exclusive
rewards catch me on my blog mind your
decisions on Twitter at pressure Locker
and you can get my books listed on my


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