How to appear offline on Facebook messenger-Mobile or Desktop

How to appear offline on Facebook messenger-Mobile or Desktop

Want to go offline on Facebook messenger? This video will walk you through going offline both on a mobile device (iOS) or desktop.

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you could appear offline on Facebook messenger both on mobile device and desktop.
You could either do this by directly launching the messenger app or you could do it from the Facebook app
I’ll show you from the Facebook app how you do this
and you basically want to go to the messenger app from your Facebook app to change the settings.
So on the iOS, right on top,
I have the messenger app, on Android is the same process, just go ahead and launch the messenger app.
Once you’re on the messenger app, you want to go to the people icon to change the setting. On Android, it works the same way.
So select the people icon and then from the all menu, you want to switch over to the active menu
and once you’re in the active menu ,you’ll see your name
and you’ll see that your activated. So now you want to deactivate yourself,
so you appear offline and all you have to do is press next to your name and
your appearing offline now. You’ll get a message that says you’ll still get all your messages if the chat is off,
but you can turn it on to see who’s active, but this way you’ll still get your messages.
So if someone attempts to send you a chat, you’ll get it as a message.
But it will appear that you’re offline and you won’t be able to chat actively this way.
Now let’s go over to the desktop. So I could show you the same process.
I’m back to my desktop here and because I turned off my chat on my mobile device first,
it actually appears that I’m offline on my desktop.
Let me just turn it back on so I could show you how to turn it off. On the very bottom of the chat window,
you should see an option icon and if you press the option icon it will give you some options
and you’ll need to change one of these and one of them is turn off chat, or you could do advanced settings.
They’ll both take you to the same place, and if you say turn off chat,
you’ll get this window that lets you turn off chat to all your contacts or you could select which contact can’t see you in the chat window.
In this case, I’m going to say turn off chat for all contacts.
I’m going to press ok and now my chat window is going to be turned off, so again if you want to deactivate it through
Your desktop you’ll do it here and if you want to do it in mobile, you’ll do it through the messenger app.
I hope this video solved your problem.
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