How to do Halloween Decorations on a budget

Here are 5 simple and inexpensive ways to decorate your place for Halloween.
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hey guys welcome to ropes and design
studios DIY Wednesdays I’m Cherie
Robeson and I’m Grayson Darrow and today
we’re gonna show you five creepy but
classy decorations you can make in five
minutes or less so are you ready let’s
go. this is a procedure she can still work
so I’ve like a dirty theme right now I
got a dirty can of spray paint my
pumpkins dirty their dirty little guys
now that it’s clean it’s blackjack time
let’s go
I know it’s just a black pumpkin but as
black pumpkin scale this is pretty cool
creepy but classy
okay so I just washed and clean these
pumpkins I’m going to take them outside
and put a couple of coats of white paint
on. okay check these guys out they’re white
they’re flat and they’re pumpkins
these are amazing white pumpkins I’ve
never seen such a thing before now you
have who in the world has ever made a
white pumpkin probably some people but
I’ve never seen it and so I’m pretty
stinking amazed we’re gonna put a word
on these guys and it’s usually a word
that people use during Halloween it’s
three letters pause this video and leave
me you were guest in the comments below
be appropriate here we go Boop so spooky
that’s so fun peel the backs off the
sticker letters and stick them right
onto your pumpkins if you have trouble
getting them to stick or the paint comes
off of your pumpkin try using hot food
so you don’t want that to happen so they
have to do this
and a way to fix that super simple take
the bottom of the candlestick take some
either white electric tape or white duct
tape and all you’re gonna do is wrap it
around the very base of the candle this
may be about a centimeter of a lip at
the bottom so that you wrap you can
actually fold it to cover the entire
base so if you guys can’t tell they’re
all generally the same size candle which
we don’t really want especially if you
have all of the same faces if you notice
these three all the same then you’d have
all the same candles and that’s no fun
so we’re gonna show you how to actually
trim the candle down that way when you
stick them in you can have varied
heights and I look fabulous let’s go
take your scissors and slowly cut the
candle at the height that you want turn
the candle as you squeeze the scissors
and it should cut right through
do this to the rest of the candles
adding tape to the base is needed it’s
so now we have them all cut they’re all
very tight so they look fabulous and
they all fit which is wonderful
before we like them you want to make
sure that the wick is no more than like
maybe a half inch long at the longest so
these guys here got about three inches
I’m gonna cut them down to be right
about there
tada creepy but classy
I wonder if they look like oh I thought
these these actually they look these
look amazing like I’m gonna put these on
my house that’s why I’m gonna be
Halloween if you guys like the
Wednesday’s turned out leave us a
comment below and make sure you thumbs
up this video
these tricky candlesticks
even spookier
all right two three four five six seven
eight nine ten eleven well it’s so easy
it’s so easy take your bags take your
candle flip the switch lights out
voila check these out you just drop your
tea lights in turn them on and they will
line up any pathway and add some
ambience light into the backyard for
Halloween you can do it my way super
simple just drop the tea lights in or
there go lanterns so easy so awesome
here’s how to make turn your bag so that
the seam where the bag was glued
together is on the back then cut the top
of the bag off a little more than
halfway up fold it back in half
vertically and then fold those halves
into thirds you should have six fold
when you’re done we’ll use these creases
as guidelines
now take your highlighter and draw the
top point of the nose centered on that
middle crease then draw your mouth and
two more eyes centered on the creases to
the left and right of the nose
open up your bag and use the fold to
bend and cut the nose eyes and mouth out
now it doesn’t really look that great
yet with the candle showing so take the
top piece of your bag and cut that in
half then place that down in the bag in
front of the candle now that’s more like
all right on to the goose take your
cheesecloth and open it up I’m cutting
mine in half and then I’m going to drape
half of it over the foam head in one
direction and then drive the other half
over the foam head a half turn from the
first now take your scissors and cut
vertical strips then pull on the strips
to make them more pointed and rag
now it just needs some eyes and we will
make the eyes felt hi master
how about it I’m gonna cut out some
common shape eyes and a mouth
I think I’m going to use a smaller mouth
though I like this shape because you can
create different expressions by turning
at different directions now pull the
cloth back and place the felt eyes and
mouth on the foam head where you would
let them hold them in place with your
fingers and carefully pull the floss
down over the eyes and mouth pulling the
cloth tight so that it holds the eyes
and mouth to the foam edge
take a paper clip and Bend the second
curve out then back and forth until it
breaks then curve it into a horseshoe
use your hot glue to secure the
paperclip to the top of the head
now all you got to do is cut off enough
wire to hang the ghost from the hook
that we just glued in
now if you want to create a ghost like
this with arms just twist about two feet
of wire together leaving a big loop on
one end and then two prongs on the other
once you have both arms stick them on
either side of the foam head on the
underside and make sure the arms are
bent upwards
now just pull the clock up over the arms
and adjust them until it looks right cut
the fuck the same as before but try to
make it taper in the hands down to the
tail kind of like a triangle shape check
it out okay now it’s your turn we want
to see how yours turned out when you do
post them on Facebook and Instagram make
sure you tag robust and design and
hashtag DIY Wednesdays and follow us on
Instagram because we post lots of
awesome stuff
what are you doing I don’t know all
right holding Gordon at the time I think
they’re in the same family well you have
a gourd you know makes it seem like
they’re small this is a board that’s not
a board
pumpkin Gordo I don’t think that works
no I hope you guys liked this DIY is
they were a lot of fun to make and it
really did take five minutes or less the
black pumpkin two minutes I mean that
doesn’t include dry time but that’s like
another 30 seconds and now we leave you
with this wait for it okay I don’t know
any other creepy sound you really are I
like it happy Halloween okay bye.
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