How to get Started on LinkedIn

Getting Started on LinkedIn

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Over the years, LinkedIn has become an essential branding tool. With over 225 million members, it’s no doubt to be one of the world’s largest professional network. When you look for a certain person in Google, a Linkedin profile always show up in the first or second spot among the results. Using all the features of Linkedin will aid you in conveying a powerful picture of yourself in the world. Learn how to get started on LinkedIn with these few basic tips.

Step 1. Update your LinkedIn Profile Photo
Make sure it’s a professional photo. Regardless of where the picture is taken, it’s important that your profile picture represent you and the type of business that you’re in.

Step 2. Update your Headline
Take advantage of this part by putting your unique skills in a short, descriptive way rather than just writing your current job position. A good example would be “Helping Non-Profit Chief Executives Grow Their Organizations. Executive Coach, Teacher, Author”.

Step 3. Completing your Profile
Make sure your Linkedin Profile is 100% complete Fill out every forms available and put as much information to your profile that you deem necessary for applying jobs in the future.

Step 4. Publish and share a post regularly
Your recent activity is visible on your Linkedin profile and will be helpful to increase your visibility and look good when someone visits your profile.

Step 5. Join Groups, Build Connections and Get Recommendations
Your professional network can also provide support and opportunities which is very important. Start by adding relatives and friends and once you have connected with a few people, LinkedIn will automatically start sending you recommendations.

Step 9. Get a custom LinkedIn URL
Getting a custom Linkedin URL plays an important role in expanding your network connections This helps in organic search as well as sharing the link with others.

Step 10. Promote your LinkedIn profile
Promote your Linkedin profile by adding your custom link to every accounts/profiles you have online.

Video by LinkedIn

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hi I’m Jess I live here in beautiful
Cornwall it’s a place I’ve never really
wanted to leave joining LinkedIn helped
me connect to loads of opportunities and
even get my ideal job as a
communications manager which meant I
never had to but it wasn’t all plain
sailing and I’ve learned a lot along the
way so I’m going to share my top tips on
how to create a profile and build your
network to get LinkedIn creating
opportunities for you ok so let’s start
with your profile it’s much more than a
CV and one of the most important things
to get right as this is how potential
employers will discover you you need a
sensible profile picture no not that
yeah that’s good adding one will really
help your profile get more views and a
good headline explaining what you do
outlining your industry and location
will make it even easier to be found and
when you are found having full summary
experience and skill sections will
really help show what you’re about
having a strong profiles worked for me
take my current role someone from crowd
funder saw me at an event looked me up
on LinkedIn and started a conversation
which led to this job but while some
opportunities find you they reckon most
jobs are found through someone you know
with tours like add connections that
help you to connect with existing
contacts LinkedIn does the work for you
so when it is time to apply for that
dream job or build your business you’ll
be amazed by the mutual connections you
already have there are thousands of jobs
out there but searching on LinkedIn
makes finding the right one super easy
as you can see with LinkedIn you only
have to put a little in to get so much
out so don’t forget complete your
profile it’s how opportunities find you
connect with people you know you’ll be
surprised how they can help over time
and when the time’s right search for
your next job on LinkedIn these simple
tips have certainly opened up a whole
new world of opportunities for me why
not see if they can do the same for you



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