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How to get rid of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs in 4 Easy Steps

First, you need to stop bed bugs from reaching in your bed.  Your mattress box and your bed frame are the most common hiding place for bed bugs, so it’s the best place for you to start your treatment.

Step 1: Begin by stripping off your bedding from the mattress

Bag them in sealed garbage bags to prevent bed bugs from escaping. Take the bags directly to your washing machine carefully unload your bedding directly inside and wash using the hot water setting.  Remove your mattress and box spring from the bed frame and use a vacuum to remove any bed bugs, shells and eggs then should follow up with a steamer, only a steamer can effectively penetrate deep inside your mattress, boxspring, bed frame headboard and footboard to kill bed bugs and eggs hiding inside. 

Step 2: Stop any bed bugs from climbing back into your bed.

Start by isolating your bed from other points of contact. Remove any unnecessary pillows and any storage under the bed and don’t forget to move your bed away from the wall. Place climb of interceptors under each leg with these straps in place you can stop bed bugs from reaching you in your bed and monitor their population over time without being bitten.

Step 3: Remove any unnecessary things in the room

Some things may not be laundered you can treat those with a portable bed bug heater.

Step 4: Spray and powder cracks and crevices.

Use a combination of both contact and residual sprays, as well as a residual powder, to ensure that you cut down the population now and continue killing bed bugs over time. First up are the contact sprays. Spray along baseboards, below drawers and on drawer slides, behind cabinets, and behind night stands. Follow up with a residual spray. Remember that sprays shouldn’t be applied to areas that you’ll touch, walk on, or sit on.

If you followed all of these steps, including the reapplications, you should be bed bug free in a matter of weeks!

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