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so I’ve been pretty broke lately I only
have about 1,900 robuxs you know YouTube
is down the views are down at pocalypse
is down I need to learn how to get free
stuff now I can’t just go buy my
willy-nilly way around like I used to
being a big baller so I decided to look
up some of these earn robots ads we’re
gonna see how how if they actually work
can you get robots from doing these
surveys are watching ad I’ve seen on my
sponsored obviously other youtubers I’ve
seen it as well because they tweeted
about it but it was like earn roebucks
while watching ads or earn robots by
doing surveys we’re gonna go ahead and
we’re gonna check them out and see what
– what this is all about
comment down below how many robots you
have right now I’d like to see if
anyone’s like you know become a robots
Millionaire maybe they put it all into
Bitcoin or something even if that’s a
conversion rate and now there’s our so
robots trillionaire now before we go
ahead you know the view guys if you are
interested in being an editor for this
channel I’d love to have you guys be on
board I’m always looking for more talent
so go ahead and email this down below or
tweet at me at exposure man you can
slide right into my DMS they’re all open
so if you’re interesting in being an
editor I will pay accordingly and it
should be good and yeah wasn’t that
let’s go ahead and get on into it all
right guys so you probably have seen
this it’s been ads and they say earn
roebucks by watching ads you got your
YouTube sign right there just looking
good overall it has 68,000 visits within
like I think like a week or two like a
couple weeks that’s kind of a lot out of
nowhere as you can see by this right
here you got that nice like to dislike
ratio that’s gonna show that it’s
probably legit let’s go ahead and play
that bad boy let’s see what we got all
instant robots com how it works visit is
zero bar start coming in computer to
select an ad off or you would like to
watch watch as many other exercises you
want the rows will be added to your
bouncing you might draw oh my god so
we’re gonna have to go to instant robots
calm as that was this all but that’s a
little you could do so there’s just a
it’s basically just a game you can play
that shows you where to go so instant
robots calm there we go this way it’s
like secured so it actually might be
legit wait Jeff that just just kidding
just came not secure at all so we can
start earlier robots today all we have
to do is login or register let’s
register with Buzz
like Monday buzz likes money we’ll do a
password you guys can have this let’s go
with canon canon four six seven eight
and then let’s go ahead and register so
how do you get the robots in your
accounts oh yeah we can’t have a problem
right here this is three row bucks right
here this is a hundred and sixty robots
you can get eight hundred robots oh my
god we can watch this and this will give
us a robot this one right here alright
let’s go ahead and see what we can do oh
that box of chocolates is a hundred
years old this is so worth it maybe
let’s see our payout come on this is
just like Facebook videos this is all
this is a bunch of Facebook videos you
find on online we’re watching one of
three really I’m not doing this crap but
guess what while we wait we’re just
gonna we’re gonna keep this going over
in the side browser and see if this is
actually a thing so I’m gonna put this
over here you guys can’t see it anymore
and we received that actually does
anything we’re gonna go now apparently
you can’t you can’t really get anything
good this is buzz likes money we
actually actually also have offers you
can do all these kind of things we can
do this trivia quiz right here for 30
robots full name ooh
Bob do do a PEP Smith email who poop at how much do you know about
winner all right hey well like that what
is the persistent for your snow called
let’s go with kelvil fabia that that
looks like a good answer Rudolph the
red-nosed reindeer how fast is the
average snowflake fall I’d say three
miles an hour how much water with 10
inches of snow melt down in an inch an
inch I don’t know if there’s a quick
trick question let’s let’s go with
that’s just where you know we’re just
what you was gonna do this was the
coldest temperature ever recorded I’m
gonna say 123 degrees I think all right
do we get a robots for this okay this is
this is question 12 13 no guys I don’t
like encourage us that all this is a
total joke all right they wanna know my
birthday go with 1986 submit test and
follow ba poopoo hot man up the phone
number two five four two six eight two
six eight four five oh I hate these
multiple-choice things did we get any
robots from these can you at least give
me a payout
just want one payout just one I’d say
you’ve earned robots because we’ve been
watching these bad boys forever and it’s
not working so I’ve earned point three
three robots apparently I’ve ever not
even one robot from doing this from
doing at least 10 minutes of work it
seems like it’s a good turnover so I
think we’re gonna go ahead and just kind
of end off this one this is just really
dumb in my personal opinion I don’t
think this is an idea you can actually
win it anyway
let’s see you all kyj ons who are you
lister 2323 followers craters account
literally on October 30th for the main
reason of just probably getting your
robots out of you somehow there might be
a legit websites I don’t know personally
I don’t think I don’t I don’t think
there’s many true ones but I found
another one it’s called fast robots calm
all I did was like earn robots and I
thought this would look kind of you know
kind of clean I don’t know if it’s like
legit or not but it’s got the HTTPS so
that shows something it might be kind of
kind of close to real let’s see we got
we can log-in or start completing some
of the offers from the website let’s go
it’s it’s really easy all we have to do
is go buzz like the robots even I don’t
need our email we’ll go with a 7 7 8 so
here we go okay so we can do referrals
we new offers we can get all these
points and I guess with these points we
can cash out right here and we can you
know we can get as many robots as you
have that many uh-huh I want to receive
let’s go with 30 thirty thousand thirty
thirty thousand okay okay
is this gonna work just going to work
okay well that it work okay well we have
zero points right now we have zero let’s
go I turn let’s earn real quick let’s
see if we can get something out of this
we can we can we can do it this one
gives you 63 points this one this one
right here this one gives you 39 a
hundred and forty two for the Gillette
razors samples let’s see what they’re
saying oh damn a discord like fast
robots net just all earning learning how
to earn let’s see if these people are
saying like general can someone help me
with robot so people are actually like
talking oh yeah Connie pasta would copy
pasta baby you may even have a
not-safe-for-work channel in this they
have I freaking not-safe-for-work people
like oh my god don’t break the rules on
here but you can cuz it’s
this particular game my face looks so
red in this yeah I don’t see anything
not safe for working here but they have
a bunch of stuff spam is probably the
worst yeah look at this look look at
this this is awful this is what we’re
gonna get this is what we’re kind of
we’re going towards wow wow that’s
theirs spamming their referral that’s
all they’re doing spamming referral
let’s see if we can earn let’s just try
to do one one easiest one free free
maybe that’s all you have to do for this
one just sign up let’s go ahead and see
if we can sign up right here and we can
get to this this is one big scam I’ll
tell you that much this is this looks
awful this looks so awful pretty sure
that yeah now there are some ways you
can like download an app like castle
clash I guess and if you download it or
whatnot you’ll be able to you’ll earn
points like that we’re gonna go ahead
and see the leaderboard is a hundred one
thousand two hundred and fifty three
points so how many what’s like what’s
the what’s the referral thing get cash
out for every point he’s like a robot I
think I believe I’m not one percent sure
that means like the leaderboard they got
on the top right now has only a thousand
I have more in my account in my life
savings and the guy has in this show how
bad and how scammy these things aren’t I
just want to show you guys because it’s
just not okay it’s not okay this is
really dumb a lot of this stuff is
really dumb I mean shoot if I go on to
roblox free roblox all I have to do is
like do you want free roblox roblox
robots dot Pro free robux secret roblox
hack revealed and there’s so many
different things they’re just like
robots hack 2017 I’m sorry but you’re
not gonna be able to get in if you can
maybe get it it’s through there’s
websites for you I download apps to get
robots for things because overall it’s
they can’t get expensive oh I said I
think we’re gonna go ahead and end off
the video that was me experimenting with
these free robot surveys I don’t know if
they work tip some might some not you
never know but let’s just go ahead and
end it off alright guys wanna thank you
all for watching this video we would
like that would definitely appreciate it
also go ahead and comment down below how
many robots do you currently have me I
have 1963 and Counting trying to get up
to I don’t know
I don’t know I’m trying to get that
Dominus like I said go ahead and email
me in the description down below if you
want to become a part of what I’m doing
and be an editor that would be really
cool and they take a lot of time off my
hands that have helped me a lot and yeah
oh it was so much shooting inside while
they watch my content I’ll see you guys
next time


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