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How to Draw Faces for Beginners

Want to draw a face from scratch?  If you want to draw a male or draw a female face, here is the step by step tutorial on how to get it done from scratch.

Video by RapidFireArt

hey I’m Darlene and you’re watching a
rapid-fire art tutorial in this video
I’ll show you how to draw a male and
female face from scratch then I’ll
demonstrate how some easy modifications
can affect the overall look of the face
let’s start with a male face first draw
a circle try to make your construction
lines as light as possible next make a
line through the center vertically and
horizontally measure half the circles
diameter and add it to the bottom to get
the chin now draw the cheeks and jawline
draw a line down the whole face
vertically we don’t need the horizontal
line anymore so let’s get rid of that
now we’re going to split the entire head
in half by drawing a horizontal line
going through the very center split the
bottom section of the face in half and
then in half again let’s do the same
thing with the top portion of the head
these lines are for the eyes nose lips
and hair
on the eyeline split your face into five
equal sections taking the full width of
the head into account
draw your eyes in the appropriate spaces
for a more detailed tutorial on drawing
eyes and noses and lips check out my
other videos linked down in the
I’m just gonna give this guy some thick
eyebrows not too curved and keeping them
close to the eyes for a calm facial
now let’s add the nose draw a line
coming down from the inner corner of
each eye this gives us a nice set of
boundaries to draw within for a medium
length nose I’m gonna draw the nose a
little higher than the nose line you can
play with the positioning to see how it
affects the way your character looks
I’ll show you some examples near the end
of the video if you’re stuck on this
step check out the tutorial above for
the mouth draw your boundary lines
coming from the center of each eye
directly below the nose draw a triangle
that stretches down to the line labeled
lips place your Cupid’s bow a fair
distance from the nose below that draw
the opening of the mouth while staying
within the boundaries
define the corners of the mouth and then
connect them to the Cupid’s bow to form
the top leg at the triangles base draw
the bottom lip
finally define the opening of the mouth
by drawing a wavy line starting in the
middle of the triangle for the hair
start at the line labeled hair and draw
the sides and fibers I like to draw the
top part between these two lines males
tend to have hair lines that are very
angular and well-defined
let’s give this guy a cool trendy
hairstyle long at the top and shorter at
the sides
I almost forgot about the ears between
the eye line and nose line draw your two
you can make someone look skinnier by
defining their cheeks let’s give him a
chiseled jawline with a dimpled chin
and let’s also give him a thick neck so
that’s my method for drawing a basic
male face now I’m gonna have a little
fun and change up some of his features
to make him look more masculine
I think males generally have less
prominent lips so let’s remove a layer
of graphite to make the mouth really
subtle adding some shading underneath
the mouth to bring out that chin
that was actually really effective let’s
also give the nose some sharper angles
and a darker nose bridge and let’s see
what happens by changing only the mouth
keep your lines fairly light so you can
easily erase any part of the face when
you want to this is the thing I love
about sketching you can constantly
revise your work until you’re satisfied
by the way my lines are usually lighter
than this but I’m just trying to make
them really dark so you can clearly see
what I’m doing
if you want your character to look more
chill and relaxed make the eyes narrower
so you can see less of the iris the more
visible the iris is the more alert or
intense your character will look I
really like how chill he looks now gonna
bring that jawline out a little bit
and just gonna apply a bit of shading to
bring out his chiseled features all
right let’s look at his total
transformation thus far okay we’ll go
back to this later let’s draw a female
face draw a circle with a line going
through the center vertically and
horizontally measure half of the circle
and then add it to the bottom except
this time draw the chin a little higher
get rid of the horizontal line inside
the circle when you’re done with it I
usually like to draw females with narrow
faces and small chins
let’s draw a line down the center of
vertically draw a horizontal line going
through the center of the entire head
split the bottom section of the head in
half and then in half again and do the
same thing for the top portion
again let’s split the head into five
equal sections along the line labeled
eyes remember to take the full width of
the head into account when you’re doing
this step
let’s give her a pair of thin curvy
she doesn’t look very happy so I’ll have
to go back in fix that later on to the
nose draw your boundary lines again
coming down from the inner corner of
each eye let’s give her a medium length
nose by drawing it above the line
labeled nose
compared to the face on the left the
lines used to draw her nose are much
more smooth no sharp angles it’s also
more narrow for the mouth draw your
boundary lines coming from the center of
each eye and place your triangle
directly below the nose resting it on
the line labeled lips start with the
Cupid’s bow draw the opening of the
mouth the corners and then connect
everything together for the ears draw
them roughly between the eyes and the
now moving on to the hairline females
have softer less defined hair lines so
let’s draw a smooth line around the top
portion of the head giving the forehead
a rounded shape instead of a rectangular
one draw the rest of the hair
we’ll give her a narrow neck I’m gonna
erase these construction lines so we can
swap out some facial features to make
her look happier you can keep these
guidelines if you need it for reference
I just want to clean things up a little
bit here I think the reason she looks so
sad and angry is because her eyes are
squeezed together at the ends so let’s
open those eyes right up
that is so much better she looks more
relaxed she actually looks pretty
serious now instead of angry and all I
did was change a single feature you know
what in the beginning I thought I’d have
to change her eyebrows too but most if
not all of her sadness came from the
eyes this is a great exercise to learn
about how each feature can affect a
character’s emotions even through the
most subtle changes just adding some
more details and shading I made the nose
bridge look soft by giving it some light
shading if you compare the two nose
bridges the one on the left is quite a
bit darker making the eyes look deeper
and it also brings the brow bone forward
okay let’s bring our focus back over
here there’s no detail on the tip of the
nose and the lips are shaded in a way to
make them look full instead of flat
let’s go back to the guy and turn him
into a Southeast Asian I don’t know why
but I like drawing the guy more than the
girl let me give him some eyes where the
outside corners are slanting up
for the nose I’ll make the tip less
pointy and smooth out the bridge
I’m Vietnamese and from my observation
most Vietnamese men have pretty thick
and defined lips kind of like these ones
and I could keep them but let’s just
change it up for fun now it’s pretty
easy to replace features after you erase
them because there’s still somewhat
visible so you can kind of use that as a
point of reference
okay new character let’s give him some
subtle lips
here I’m trying to avoid all outlines
I’m gonna make him look younger by
softening his jawline and making it a
little narrower so his face looks less
developed I barely did anything and he
looks a lot younger now
let’s give him some facial hair so he
looks a little bit older we can actually
make him look more innocent by making
his eyes wider showing more of that iris
add a bit more facial hair see if we can
make him look any older yeah I think I
only added like five years try to
exaggerate features way beyond their
boundaries and push the limits to see
what you can create everyone’s face is
different so don’t be afraid to make
things bigger smaller shorter longer or
even further apart the options are
at the end of the day don’t take
yourself too seriously just have fun and
don’t be afraid to venture off the path
a fun exercise you can do is to trace
over a few photographs until you
familiarize yourself with the
I think tracing is a great way to learn
so give it a try and I don’t think this
tutorial would be complete without
showing you some more examples
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