How to Draw a Christmas Tree

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Draw a Christmas Tree
Follow along to learn how to draw this Christmas Tree and Star on top step by step, EASY. This cute, kawaii Christmas tree is perfect for celebrating the Holidays. Super easy Holiday art for kids.

Video by Draw So Cute

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hi guys way to here is video we’re gonna
draw my jaw stick your Christmas tree so
let’s get started with this Christmas
tree we’re gonna first start by drawing
the start on top so right here it’s
gonna be a rounded off star so I’m going
to start off with the first point at the
top when I go up and around it off then
come back down so I’m ending at the same
level on the other side so then I’m
gonna come out here for another point so
my goal is to try to make area all the
points about this shape this size like
me so we’re going to round it off again
and bring it down so as I bring it down
I’m going to try to imagine this angle
going all the way say about right here
and then I’m going to connect it just
little tips to make it easier to draw a
star so same thing over here I’m just
going to come out try my best to make it
about the same size round it off and I’m
going to imagine this angle go all the
way so it’s gonna end like right here
give myself a point and connect it now
for the bottom one so we’re going to
come down so it’s going to be a slightly
different angle it’s going to be a
little bit straighter slightly straight
or not all of them not too straight and
then we’re going to round it off again
so it’s do the same thing on this side
so move it straight and then round it
off and then we’re going to come to the
center find the center of this star and
say about right here and connect it so
if you’re not comfortable drawing a star
this is would be a way to slowly take it
step by step but if you are comfortable
I’ll just go ahead and go okay so you
got a little rounded off start at the
top from there we’re going to start to
draw this very simplified Christmas tree
so I’m going to make it a little bit
easier I’m going to come from where I
started with this angle right here and
I’m going to come by right here and
angle out on line for the top tier of
this Christmas tree so I’m just gonna
bring down the two sides
so of course is the goal of this
Christmas tree is to make everything the
same on both sides so when you just try
to make the angle the same so it goes
slip slowly then it’ll be a little bit
easier to figure out the other side so
I’m going to keep going down with this
angle and just take it little by little
if you really care about it being even
so that make it a little bit easier so
I’m going to keep going down say about
right here I’m going to bring it in so
I’m just gonna go to the other side go
all the way straight and give yourself a
point so then you know about where just
to go so I’m just gonna bring it down
with a curve and so then I’m gonna start
another tier so it’s gonna be the same
angle as this I’m gonna try my best to
go all the way down like the same angle
just do the same thing over here
okay then keep going down just gonna be
a little bit shorter we’re gonna come in
so same thing over here I’m gonna come
across once again all the way across it
bought right there and bring my point so
then one more okay now we’re gonna come
in and this tier is gonna even shorter
so same angle so same thing on this side
and once again I’m going to bring it in
so this one’s gonna be nice a fat it’s
just the bottom since we’re gonna be a
bigger curve so I go across
hit my point okay so then from there
let’s just go ahead and connect this
tree so we’re just gonna draw a bunch of
curves to connect it so make a big or
small however you like and I connect
okay so that’s the basic shape for this
tree so then at the bottom here let’s
draw the trunk so I’m going to go
straight down and find my center so say
about right here’s how long I want to
make my trunk so I’m going to go on both
sides of it and draw a curve from there
I’m just going to go ahead and connect
it nice soft curve like that and now to
decorate this beautiful tree well first
let’s go up here and add some sparkle to
the stars I’m just going to come here
and draw an angle these four
now it’s your decorated and bring it to
life we’re gonna add some little details
right here on this these curves just
bring it in and add a little bit more
curves so it’s not so stiff no the other
side there and then now let’s decorate
it so I’m gonna bring in these um taupe
strings of color in here so I’m just
gonna come up and we’re gonna bring
another band right here come all the way
down so decorate it however you like
so these streamers of color and add one
more here so I’m leaving this site blank
because I have some jaw so cute eyes in
that section no okay but if I just
wanted to show you how you would
decorate your tree if you didn’t want to
put eyes on it so I got some ornaments
here and there
like that and of course you would get
filling it up if you didn’t want the
eyes but if you wanted to put eyes I
drink this cha those tree to life
put some odd rasa cute ice right here so
I’m going to put big circle right here
and then the other one head and make
them draw so cute eyes and all of a
sudden it’s uber cute little Christmas
tree but like I said before I hope I
also inspire you to just draw regular
things without having to put eyes on
them it’s a whole up to you it’s nice
its shade in the top right here
and their lines at the bottom and we’re
gonna put a cute little smile right here
in the center nice and easy
head cap it off and if you want you can
go in and add cheeks when you color it
and I’m just going to add a little line
on top to anchor my eyes so there my jaw
secure Christmas tree I hope you thought
it was very cute and easy to draw thanks
so much for watching and if you loved it
please give me a thumbs up and share it
and remember to subscribe so you won’t
miss any new draw second videos see you


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