How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

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How To Decorate a Christmas Tree With Lights, Garland, and Ornaments Decorate a Christmas tree with tips from

Start by placing the tree topper first. This will help you avoid breaking ornaments or toppling your tree. Stars, angels, and bows are all great tree toppers to choose from. Hang garland and lights on the tree before adding ornaments. When you’re ready to hang the ornaments, start with the largest ornaments first. Mix and match homemade ornaments with store bought ones. Hang homemade ornaments in prominent places where they can be easily seen, then fill in any gaps with colored ball ornaments for a cohesive look.

Video by Better Homes and Gardens

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Your tree is in the stand, you’ve added the lights and now you’re ready to hang some ornaments
but wait, do you go at traditional favorites or a completely new direction?
And what about those old favorites?
With so many ways to decorate a Christmas tree sometimes you need a little help to pull
it all together.
-Start by collecting and placing your tree toppers so you avoid breaking other ornaments
or toppling your tree when you hang the topper last.
Stars and angels are classic toppers but you can top a tree with an interesting shape,
a bow or an arrangement of feathers or flowers.
Hang garlands on your tree before adding the ornaments, drape the garlands with big swoops
and overlaps for a more casual look or position the garland evenly all the way down the tree.
Decorating with new color coordinated ornaments creates an eye catching tree but don’t over
look the charms of a tree that combines old and new, store bought and hand made.
The secret to a great looking tree is to divide your ornaments by size and shape before hanging
Start by hanging the large ornament evenly on the tree.
Then add the medium ornaments and finish with the small ones.
Spread various shaped ornaments evenly around the tree, you want to see all the shapes at
any angle.
Most people have a mix of ornament shapes and sizes so try this budget friendly tip
to get a cohesive look.
Hang your most special ornaments in prominent places then fill in with more basic ornaments
like these red balls everywhere else.
-Try to scatter your unmatched ornaments around the tree to keep your eye moving from branch
to branch.
Color unifies your tree, you can cover a tree with a single color such as all white, all
blue or all green for a dramatic effect.
Keep a monochromatic theme interesting by mixing up the shapes, textures and finishes.
Dressing your tree is in just 2 colors is easy and it opens up your decorating options.
For starters try pairing a color with the metallic.
Dozens of 2- color combos are possible.
Some sure-fire options include red and green, red and white, blue and silver and silver
and gold but don’t stop there, if you love color add a third color to the mix or try
layering on lots of different colors.
Whatever your color scheme, you want to get color deep into your tree so, push large basic
ornaments deep into the tree and nestle near the lights.
For more holiday ideas visit
-So how do you choose to decorate, remember, it’s your tree and your Christmas so express
yourself and enjoy your tradition.


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