How to buy Ripple with Ethereum from Coinbase using your Phone – EASY!

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This is an easier to follow step by step tutorial on how to buy Ripple/XRP using ETH from Coinbase than my previous tutorial on how to buy Ripple with Bitcoin. No need to be at your computer, you can do this on your phone assuming you setup Coinbase already.

The Coinbase to Binance transaction fee for ETH was: 0.000441 Ether ($0.33)

The reason why people choose Binance is to avoid the additional registration requirements that often delay a purchase of coins.

Video by Gary Cruz

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if you’re wondering how to buy ripple
with aetherium on your phone watch this
video if you’re do to my channel I focus
on crypto for everyday people if this
was helpful please consider subscribing
as I plan on posting more content like
this first of all I want to thank
everybody who’s watched the video on how
to buy a ripple with Bitcoin from
coinbase but if this is your first time
buying crypto it may seem very
complicated if you’re looking for an
easier way but with a small fee you can
also buy rebel with aetherium directly
through coinbase and send to buy Nantz
what are the advantages of using
aetherium is that it should transfer
much faster than bitcoin if you want to
skip the fee from buy Nance you’ll have
to send the etherium to G Dax first G
Dax is the trading platform that
also owns this time I’ll do this with my
iPhone 10 but you can also follow along
with an Android with an assumption that
you’ve already created a coin based
account verified your identity and
linked your funds this tutorial should
be easier since I’ll skip the step of
transferring to GDX which could be
intimidating for some people I saw some
tutorials on how to install by Nance for
iOS but keep in mind that there isn’t an
official buy Nance app on the App Store
there’s a link on the by Nantz website
to install the iOS app but for this
tutorial I’ll be using the iPhone
browser the first step is if you don’t
have a coin base account please use my
referral link you and I will get ten
dollars if you spend over $100 I linked
my bank account but since I’m in a hurry
as I’m sure you are too don’t use that
because if you do use your bank account
it’s gonna hold your funds until it
clears in this demo I’ll be adding a
credit card I don’t like the fees but
I’ll eat them for this tutorial you can
help me out by making sure you use my
referral links below so what we’re
looking at is coinbase you’ll see
bitcoin bitcoin cash ethereum on the
bottom you want to click on the middle
one that says buy and right now the
default is my bank account but we don’t
want to use that because that will add a
delay and so let’s go ahead and click on
that and add a payment method you can
see that by using a bank account they’ll
take about four to five days to process
however if you add a credit card it will
be instantaneous so let’s do that now
let’s go ahead and do the verification
once you verify you can go ahead and
invest so we’ll go to buy select a
credit card I’m gonna put $100
and click on by aetherium you’ll see
that there is a bot 3.84 percent fee and
if you want to see what those fees are
click on the question mark and you’ll
see that the fees here is for the United
States where I am it’s for the credit
card is three point nine nine percent
which is pretty high but I’ll go ahead
and eat that anyway for this demo we’ll
click on confirm bye and bye bye was
successful so the next step is we’ll
take this aetherium and now that we have
that in my account or in my wallet I
want to actually send this so on the top
right there is a send button
there’s one for receive from the top
right that looks like an airplane you
click on that use max and what we’ll do
is click on send the next thing you want
to do is copy the address from by Nantz
if you don’t have a by Nantz account yet
please use my referral link to open one
on the bottom there is a by Nantz app
I’m just gonna avoid that for right now
once you log in there’s a box here I
don’t know why it’s not rendering but
essentially I want to deposit
aetherium what we want to do is click on
the green deposit button select
aetherium and copy the address take note
of the first three letters and the last
three so o X a and f7f and we’ll switch back
over to coinbase and paste that in there
X our P click on send and it sent over that
you can see that it’s pending will click
on that hopefully this doesn’t take as
long as it did with Bitcoin in my
previous video it took about 20 minutes
and sometimes it can take a much longer
if theory am has the advantage of being
faster with transaction times so let’s
see how long this takes we’ll switch
back over to my browser alright I can
see that I have 67 confirmations let’s
head over to the finance app on my
iPhone now that I have confirmation
let’s switch over alright let’s check on
the deposit let’s go over here in the
top right Square click on deposits and
withdrawals go to deposit let’s select
aetherium which is eth and let’s take a
look at the bottom here where it says
after making a deposit you can track its
progress on the history page let’s click
on the history we’re waiting looks like
it’s waiting for 16 out of 30 and
firming let’s click on check
okay 20 out of 30 22 out of 30 25 out of
30 27 out of 30 and 30 out of 30 all
right let’s head back to the homepage
and there’s two ways that you can buy
ripple immediately one was is with
bitcoin which I made a video already and
the one that we’re going to do now is
with the theorem so click on aetherium
and we want to scroll through all these
coins until we find ripple I believe
it’s at the bottom for XRP there it is x
RP if we want to buy x RP click on the
green buy x RP button
I had to log out and log back in and now
you can see that I have point two two
two two two two one five aetherium
available to use to buy ripple the next
line is the price I want to pay all
right so if you look to the right this
can be kind of confusing because it
doesn’t look like there’s a market order
and what we’re gonna do is a limit order
explaining the difference between limit
order and market order is a little bit
out of scope here what I’m trying to do
is to try to help you buy it right away
and what you should do is take a look at
the two numbers that are closest to the
middle in the red so you see one it’s
flashing between one three nine four one
five and the other one is one three
eight five five seven for example so
essentially if you want to buy it
cheaper you’ll click on any of the items
that are below in the green I’ll do one
three eight nine hundred okay what I did
is I selected one of the numbers
and essentially if it hits that price
you know I will be able to buy it at
that amount and the next thing I want to
do is click on 100% so I’ll be able to
buy a hundred fifty nine Ripple at that
price and click on buy all right it
looks like it filled so click on the top
right box and then you want to click on
trade history and it looks like it was a
I was able to buy 159 Ripple with
aetherium alright thank you for watching
this video on how to buy ripple with
aetherium from coinbase hopefully this
was helpful and straight to the point if
it was click on that like button and
definitely subscribe I’ll be doing more
videos like this and if this is
interesting for you also click on that
notification button so you’re notified
of the latest updates the next thing I
would recommend to do after this is get
that ripple off of the online wallet and
putting it onto something safe like a
ledger nan OS check out my video on the
right if that’s interesting to you and
check out the description below
definitely use my referral links they’ll
help me out and thanks for watching.


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