8 Benefits of taking a cold shower-How to take a cold shower

In this animated video, I’ll go over 8 Benefits of taking a cold shower and how to take a cold shower and share my experience of taking a daily cold shower for two weeks and the result.

These 8 benefits are amazing and I’ll make a reference to the studies they come from.

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How to take a cold shower-8 benefits of a cold shower

In this video, I’m going to talk through all the benefits you get from taking a cold shower and my experience with trying it.

This is really as simple as it sounds. You turn on the shower to cold and step in. This is been around for centuries dating back to the ancient romans and Greeks, even when they had the ability to heat water.

This is an amazing life hack that most people have never heard of or tried. Before you think it’s crazy, let me break down the science of it for you.

At the end, I’ll tell you about my results from trying cold showers for 2 straight weeks.

I’m not a doctor, so don’t take this as a medical video. But I was really interested in the benefits of cold showers, so I did ton of research on it , I read all the studies, I watched all the videos and I compiled this complete list of all the benefits and I tried it myself, so I wanted to share that with you. I wanted to share with you all the benefits that you get from it and I wanted to share with you my experience from doing it and if it helped me or not.

  1. Cold showers will improve the circulation of your blood and help you with healing your organs and muscle soreness. You ever seen athletes that take ice bath after games and runners after marathons. This is the same concept. A study has shown that this improves your immune system by increasing white blood cells in your body.

This is based on a 2009 study conducted on 360 subjects if you want to do more research on it.

  1. Next benefit of cold showers is that it reduces depression. This is by a release of a hormone in your brain that’s triggered by the cold water. This is based on a 2008 scientific study that Adapted cold shower as a potential treatment for depression. You can look into this and the other studies for further information.
  2. It can also help you with emotional shift. If you feel anger or stress, it can help reduce that. Again, this is based on a 1994 study if you want to look it up.
  3. The next benefit honestly sounded too good to be true, but cold showers could actually burn a little bit of fat. Now some of your body fat works to keep you warm, so a cold shower will put those into over drive. This is based on a New England journal study in 2009 if you want a reference.
  4. It also helps with a better night sleep. If you take a cold shower before bed, you’ll fall asleep faster. Why? Because your body needs to be cooled to fall a sleep and this simply speeds up the process. I know this one specifically worked well for me, but I’ll talk about that later.
  5. There is an interesting mental benefit to cold showers that most people don’t talk about and that’s getting out of your comfort zone. It will be a very new experience and a new habit and like a domino effect, it will open you up to try new things outside of your comfort zone and ultimately lead to a better, most experienced you.

No one really wants to take a cold shower, it’s going to be uncomfortable. But trying it will put you outside of your comfort zone and the domino effect will take place.

  1. Cold showers will help with your skin. It does this by closing up your pores and in the process, making your skin look more smooth. So if you have dry skin and acne, cold showers could benefit you.
  2. It also helps with better breathing. Few people know how to breathe deeply, so when you take a cold shower, it helps you to naturally breath deeply. Why?

Because it causes you to hyperventilate when you try this for this first time. But with practice, you will learn to breath deeply and not hyperventilate when you walk into the shower, hence helping with better breathing.

Since the list of benefits seemed too go to be true for me, I had to try it myself before I made this video.

So the first day, it was really hard. I took a warm shower and then turned it to as cold as it gets towards the end of the shower. I lasted maybe 10 seconds. It took the breath out of me, talking about hyperventilating and then it followed by heavy breathing. But that night, I fell a sleep so fast and stayed a sleep even longer than usual.

Each day, I tried to go longer and longer and at the end of the first week, I could stay under the shower for a few minutes. I can say my energy level was higher, I felt more awake during the day, it helped me sleep faster at night. I felt more energetic in general through the process and I did notice improvement with my dry skin.

Just like anything that can improve your life, this will not work overnight. It didn’t work for me the first night, but I did get better sleep right away.

You’ll have to do this consistently for a couple of weeks to start seeing the results. If you’ve spend the last few minutes watching this video, make sure you at least try it for a few days. Don’t just assume it’s not for you or it sounds too good to be true or it sounds crazy. Give it a couple of weeks and leave a comment about your experience below.

I hope this was helpful. Give this video a thumbs up and Subscribe to this channel for more self-improvement videos just like this one and practical how to videos on ton of different topics. Again, if you do try a cold shower, leave me a comment, I want to learn about your experience. Thanks again for watching and see you soon.